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Slate POS billing app automates your retail or restaurant business. This intuitive Point of Sale App (POS) does not require you to have any technical knowledge. Just with few taps generate GST/VAT invoice for your customers.


Complete inventory control, stock what sells more, get notified on non-moving and expiring items and take corrective action, reorder based on smart recommendations to optimize stock and avoid shortage


Quick and efficient restaurant billing with the touch of your fingers. Get visual representation of table status; available or occupied, stewards occupied, due-bills and KOT age in a glance


Reduce order processing and delivery costs by getting more orders per salesman with faster, accurate order entry using our distribution software integrated Ordering and Collection mobile app

Slate POS

Made for successful retailers
with new age features

Slate POS app is a perfect solution for Retail, Van sales and gives a great In-Store experience to your customers. Also, Occupies less space in your store with no internet dependency for mobile billing

No matter what you bill, be it VAT or GST items, Mobile billing app gives perfect billing with accurate Tax structure and Eases filing.

Maintain multiple locations inside your store and do location-wise billing. Take intelligent decisions on the Purchase order and maintain optimal inventory.

Brilliant Cash handover system allows you to monitor cash flows device-wise. Also, Sessions allow users to Log in and Log out with the manager's control.

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Best features

Single or multiple stores, Slate POS system is ideal for you

Get complete control on your Retail Business chain with multi-location management.

Multi Store Management

Centralized purchase management allows you to manage suppliers from a single place and take advantages through economy of scale

Anytime Anywhere Any device

Take critical decisions with real time data available at the need of your hour. Giving you more oppurtunities to decide

Paperless billing

Easy to send invoice through Whatsapp, Email, SMS and reduce the cost of printing.

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Online and Offline

Works both in online and offline mode, with capability to auto-synchronize data with server when connected.

Instant printing

Print bills on-the-go with bluetooth printers or take bill print from current POS printers

Barcode scanner

Add items to cart instantly with integrated bluetooth barcode scanners


Delight customers with express checkout using Slate billing software on mobile.

Slate POS software is designed to manage all the business activities like billing, accounting, Inventory, Order management, Scheduled orders from a single POS system.


Give freedom to business with a Cloud-based POS system. Anywhere any device.

Slate POS Easily configure with any of the windows system without any specific hardware requirements. Slate POS looks to solve everyday operational issues faced by small and medium businesses in the retail and restaurant industry. It cuts back the complications involved with billing, inventory management and accounting. It also offers comprehensive reporting, which makes it simpler for you to analyze the situation and take decisions for improvements in your trade.

This user-friendly software requires no technical knowledge for usage. Also sending the GST invoices to your customers via SMS, Email or Whatsapp.

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Yes, You can use multiple devices (Desktop and Mobile) with same account. The data will sync automatically.

Yes, You can create and manage multiple Branches in a same account.

Yes, You can create multiple sales channels and mange different pricing for each channels like Retail, Wholesale, Vansale, Ecommerce etc...

Yes, Offline billing is available, and the data will be synced automatically when the device has internet access.

Yes, kitchen order tickets (KOT) are available, easy to create multiple kitchens and customize tables, and easy to create chairs under each table

All types of invoice and Barcode printers (Bluetooth, USB, Network, Wifi) can easily connect with this software without any technical requirements.

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Why should you upgrade your POS device?

Mobile app for billing and sales order. Scan barcodes through mobile camera, make bills in few seconds. Give your customers an express checkout experience.


Slate KOT, Helping restaurants to manage orders, payments, billing and everything else.

Now, your staff can take orders online and offline, quickly and in a customized manner and ensure timely service.

  • Quick and Simplified Table Billing

  • Easily processing Takeaway & Delivery order

  • Real-Time Inventory Control

  • Easy to use Multiple Devices at a time with realtime syncing

  • Optimized Order Management

  • Simple Menu setup

  • Easy to Configure with any of the Android Devices

  • Create & Manage Multiple Branches in a Single Platform

  • Activate Multiple Devices with realtime syncing

  • Easy to Create Multiple Kitchen

  • Kitchen Order Ticket Management

  • Send order to Multiple Kitchens

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